C-Tech Rubber is a wholly owned Australian company, a specialist rubber extruder and moulder with over 50 years’ experience.

C-Tech Rubber specialises in high quality extruded rubber products:

  • Pipe Rings and Earth/Sand Bands for Concrete Pipe Manufacturers
  • Butyl Mastic
  • Butyl Pipe Wrap
  • Mastic Primer
  • Windscreen Wiper Rubber and Replacement Wiper Refills for the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Dairy Tube for the Milking Industry
  • Squeegees for the Automotive Forecourt, Window Cleaning and Janitorial sectors
  • Solar Tubing for the Domestic Swimming Pool and Spa Industry
  • Bespoke Rubber Mouldings


C-Tech Rubber is situated 37 kilometres (23 miles) south-west of Sydney and close to the main highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne, the two main manufacturing, retail and population regions in Australia.


The region is well serviced by International, Interstate and Intrastate airlines, railways, sea and road transport.