Flexible Seal

Flexible Seal Brochure

C-Tech Rubber manufactures a large range of rubber seals and gaskets for the pipe industry in Australia. Positive sealing of manhole access chambers have been manufactured to meet the current water authority specifications.


Due to the nature of manufacturing, the seal can be made to meet the customer requirements. All that is needed is the (a) pipe O.D. (b) pipe I.D. or (C) cored hole size.


The seal can be manufactured from a number of different polymers; natural, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR, Viton or Silicone.

The seal meets ASTM C-923 requirements. Marine grade stainless steel is used for all nuts and bolts.


With the use of a socket and driver or C-Tech fitting tool for tightening bolts, this seal achieves a high interface pressure, while offering greater flexibility when aligning connecting pipes to access chambers.

The seals are able to withstand shock, sound or vibrations from man-made or natural causes including changes in internal pipe pressure, earthquakes or natural ground movement.