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Flexible Seal

C-Tech Rubber manufactures a large range of rubber seals and gaskets. Positive sealing of manhole access chambers have been manufactured to meet the current water authority specifications.

Butyl Mastic

C-Tech Butyl Mastic, a high tack quality butyl sealant. Meets Astm or exceeds C-990. Fast insulation with long lengths, excellent adhesion and cohesion.Extreme temperature workability. Permanent bonding & flexibility

Butyl Pipe Wrap

Butyl Pipe Wrap is a synthetic rubber-based material extruded into a soft permanently elastic strip,  available in a roll form. The tape possesses high levels of surface tack and performs at a wide range  of temperatures.

About us

Established in 1969 and with over 50 years experience in manufacturing extruded rubber and mouldings, C-Tech Rubber products are completely made in Australia.